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Why I love Neoprene Knee Sleeves

I am a major fan of Neoprene Knee Sleeves and Knee Braces.  I especially love the patella straps which work extremely well to overcome knee pain and soreness.

Life before Knee Sleeves

Let me back track just a little, and I am sorry to admit that I am a slow learner.  After years of running and playing sport, I had learnt how to manage my knee pain, but was never really pain free.  Small niggling knee pain here and there, and some serious knee pain on several occasions.  The only treatment I ever really managed for knee pain was to take painkillers and rest the knee joint.  The only treatment I knew about was to wait for the pain to subside, before gradually returning to sporting activity again.

Living with Knee Pain is not good!

Well that was until I finally sought professional advice, which suggested that I was experiencing patella pain, knee inflammation, and there was a risk that I was causing long term cartilage damage within the knee joint.  Fortunately, the solution was not as serious as I was concerned about.

I was advised to get a patella strap – and keep on running!

I couldn’t believe that the solution to my problem would actually be to keep on exercising, but in my case, this was the secret to recovery.  The neoprene knee strap changed the angle that my knee joint was rubbing on the cartilage, and the patella strap allowed me to continue running with no pain.  The inflammation from the previous damage was allowed to heal, and with regular exercise, I was able to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint.  As the muscles improved, and the cartilage healed, then the overall knee joint was able to become strengthened and better able to deal with rigorous exercise.  I felt better, and my knee felt better!

The healing benefits of Neoprene knee sleeves and ankle braces

At other times I have twisted my ankle and strained my knee, which obviously caused some short term discomfort, and a short rest from sports activities.  With a little pain relief, joint strapping, and then the longer term use of neoprene knee sleeves and ankle sleeves, my recovery took much less time than if I hadn’t used them.  The compression effects of the neoprene knee sleeve works to reduce the swelling around the knee joint, and when the inflammation is reduced, the actual healing process can occur.  Using the thermal properties of the neoprene knee sleeve also increased the temperature below the skin, and increased the blood flow and healing potential within the joint.

Thermal healing of a Neoprene Knee Sleeve

With dual action of reducing swelling and thermal protection, I found that a neoprene knee sleeve not only felt comfortable for my knee injury, but also decreased the healing time.

Speed up the healing process

Neoprene knee sleeves can be an ideal solution for many people who are experiencing knee joint pain, whether the pain is as a result of an injury, or overuse or old age problems.  They also come in handy while exercising and I still use a neoprene knee sleeve to protect from past injuries, and to speed up the healing process.

Recovery from injury

There are many other products that can be of assistance in the area of knee pain, recovery from injury, as well as recovery from surgery, and other knee problems.  I strongly recommend that you seek medical advice whenever you suffer discomfort in any of your joints, as this can cause debilitating pain.  Fortunately, if this ever happens to you, there are many different types of supporting knee brace, neoprene knee sleeve and other neoprene sleeves that can assist and promote the recovery from many types of injuries.

Recovery from surgery

Even if the worst has happened and you have suffered a knee injury, or require a surgical intervention, fear not, as there are many choices of neoprene knee sleeve to help you through it.  From simple knee sleeves to promote healing and recovery to knee guards, and even to high tech structural knee braces, which support the knee joint while you undergo recovery.  Medical professional actively promote that the knee joint should be able to move during the recovery process, and a neoprene knee sleeve or knee brace is often the best way to recover faster and better than without one.

Everyone should know about Neoprene knee sleeves!

My passion to help other people who may be having similar issues prompted me to start this business and I am happy when people tell me that they have had a positive experience after using these products. This gives me a great motivation to continue providing products that will meet people’s needs and help them live a quality life. Protection Status