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ACE Neoprene Open Knee Brace, One Size Fits All Review

Recovering from a knee injury, or even from minor knee pain, is a very difficult thing to do. A knee support or brace can provide your knee with support and protection and ultimately aid in your recovery.

Many different options are available and it’s important that you choose the right one as failing to do so could damage your knee more than it ACE Neoprene Open Knee Brace, One Size Fits Allcould help.

The ACE Neoprene Open Knee Brace is the product that will be reviewed in this article. As the name suggests, it is an “open” knee brace i.e. has an opening in the center, also known as “open patella”.

 The Pros

 At first glance you will notice that this particular knee support has an “open patella” which provides more support to the actual kneecap and keeps it in place. Closed patella support provide more support to the actual knee joint.

So if you are looking for a great product to support your kneecap then this will be a good consideration – it provides support for injured, arthritic, or just generally weak knees.

It is constructed of lightweight neoprene and has a very “stealth” design i.e. despite the majority of open patella supports being bulky, this one is actually not very noticeable under clothes.

Since high-quality neoprene is used in the construction of this product, you will also benefit from an increase in breathability compared to other products.

A big problem with knee supports and braces is that they tend to cause a lot of irritation on the area behind the knee, if you have worn a knee support before you’ll know exactly what is meant by this.

This particular support by ACE has specific technology to combat this and provide the wearer with a reduced amount of irritation.

The Cons

There are a few cons with the ACE Neoprene Open Knee Brace, One Size Fits All, that we will go through in this section. Perhaps the most obvious disadvantage would be the fact that it has a velcro design.

Many people might in fact be okay with this and some even prefer it, but the majority of the time this is very inconvenient as the straps can easily come loose as you’re walking or doing any type of activity.

On the plus side however, it does negate the need to worry about what size you need to purchase as it’s one size fits all. So some people might actually look at this as a plus.

The knee support might reduce your mobility slightly because of the “Comfort Fit” addition to the sleeve. This could be considered an advantage or disadvantage depending on who you ask –

some people might say a reduction in mobility would aid an injury, others might say this is too extreme and that mobility helps to prevent further damage being done.

Things to Consider ACE Neoprene Open Knee Brace, One Size Fits All

If you’re thinking about purchasing this product then the most important thing to keep in mind is that it has an open patella design. This is completely different from a closed patella design (the most popular) and if you don’t need it, chances are that your condition will actually get worse.

Apart from the open/closed patella argument, there really isn’t much more to consider.


This is a great all-round product for those people who are suffering from weak, injured, or arthritic knees. However, make sure that you find out exactly which knee support you need – it might turn out that you don’t in fact need an open patella, but instead a closed patella.

If you do need an open patella then you really can’t go wrong with this product. In addition to everything discussed above, it is also very inexpensive for the quality that it provides.

If you also take the durability of the product and quality into consideration then it really is a no-brainer.

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