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Best Ankle Brace for Support

Ankle brace for ankle support

What are the symptoms of an ankle problem?  Do you want to find the best ankle brace for support?  Are you recovering from ankle injury?  Do you need the best ankle brace for rehabilitation or recovery?  Do you need the best ankle brace for running, walking, or sport?  The best Basketball ankle braces can keep you active and playing sport while you are recovering from injury.

Beware that you don’t try to rush out and solve any ankle problem or injury, unless you first seek medical attention.   Because every ankle is different, and every ankle injury is different, you need to make sure we are treating the correct ankle problem and that you don’t make it worse.

Best ankle Brace for sprain

There are many different sources of ankle problems and different types of ankle brace for sprain.  You should seek Doctor’s advice for treatment of the problem.  Your Doctor will advise as to the source of the ankle problem and diagnosed the appropriate treatment options.  If your Doctor advises the use of the best ankle brace for sprain then we have some of the best ankle brace options available on the market.

Best ankle Brace for support

If you have already been treated by a medical professional, and need to choose an ankle brace for support to aid the recovery process, then we can help to recommend the best ankle brace for support to assist you with rehabilitation of the ankle injury.

Best ankle Brace for support and rehabilitation

If you are recovering from ankle surgery, or a previous ankle injury, then we can help to choose the best ankle brace for support whilst you undergo rehabilitation.  When you are recovering from ankle injury, then you really need the best ankle brace for support and strength of the ankle, so as to allow smooth gentle rotation of the ankle, without the risk of lateral movement or hyperextension of the joint.

Best ankle Brace for ankle support for running – ankle brace for running

If your medical professional prescribes that you conduct small amounts of exercise for ankle rehabilitation, then you can find the best ankle support for running.  No matter whether you plan to make a gentle recovery, or whether you need physical activity such as walking or running, then we can help to choose the best ankle support for running or walking.  There is no doubt that a careful recover from injury can be managed with the right ankle brace for support.  This may involve a careful return to exercise, wearing an ankle support for running.  But we recommend that you consult with a medical professional before choosing an ankle brace for running.

Basketball ankle braces

If you are a keen basketball player, then we feel the need to inform you of the risks involved with spraining your ankle.  For these reasons we recommend that you choose from the many basketball ankle braces to protect the ankle, or to provide extra support while playing.   Even if you have a previous ankle sprain injury, we especially recommend that you consider wearing one of the excellent basketball ankle braces on the market!

Best ankle brace for arthritis

Sufferers of arthritis of the ankle also need to seek medical advice.  The Doctor may provide relief through a combination of medication and the best ankle brace for arthritis.  The important thing for arthritis treatment of the ankle is provide movement, while minimizing the pain of arthritis.  Small amounts of ankle movement are beneficial to the treatment of arthritis, so choosing the best ankle brace for arthritis is extremely important.

Best ankle Brace for support and thermal and therapeutic healing

The healing properties of wearing a neoprene ankle sleeve can be beneficial for the recovery from an ankle injury.  During periods of rest, the best ankle brace can offer therapeutic healing to stimulate the blood flow in the ankle muscles and tendons.  It is highly recommended to choose the best ankle brace for exercise and rehabilitation and choose a neoprene ankle sleeve at rest times.  You can wear a neoprene ankle to bed at night to assist with the healing process.   This will offer the thermal properties of the neoprene ankle sleeve to promote healing, even when you are asleep.

The ankle is highly complicated – do you need an ankle brace for support?

The ankle joint is very complicated, including complex sockets, tendon attachments, and supports an incredible amount of power between the body and the ground.  The transfer of power from the legs to the feet is a very dynamic and flexible situation.  The ankle is capable of performing an incredible range of movement, and supports and incredible amount of leverage.  When something goes wrong, we become aware just how acute the ankle joint is and how important it is for freedom of movement!

Common Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are commonly suffered during sporting endeavors, physical exertion, or just during regular daily activities.  If you have suffered an ankle problem, then you will know that it is difficult to stand or put weight on the sore joint.  This is merely an indication that the body has suffered an injury and you should seek medical advice!  Other tell tale signs such as clicking, popping or cracking sounds need to be checked out.  Signs of joint swelling, redness or stiffness are also indicators of an ankle injury.  Mostly, we are diagnosed with having suffered an ankle sprain, and we are told to rest.

What to do for an ankle injury?

RICE is an acronym made up of the following treatments:

  • Rest the ankle injury, do not risk more damage by continuing the activity
  • Ice the site of the injury to reduce the swelling
  • Apply Compression to the ankle to reduce the swelling
  • Elevate the ankle to further reduce the swelling.

Each of these treatments relies on the natural elements to reduce the swelling around the site of the injury, in a bid to speed up the healing process.  On the advice of your doctor, you may also use the best ankle brace for support to speed up the recovery process.

What not to do for an ankle injury?

HARM is another acronym made up of things to avoid during the recovery process:

  • Heat – do not apply heat to the injury within 24 hours of the injury because there is a risk of increasing internal bleeding and swelling.
  • Alcohol – do not consume alcohol within 24 hours of the injury, as this increases the risk of more damage, and a slower recovery. Click here if you need help to stop drinking alcohol in the time after an ankle injury.
  • Running – no physical activity in the 24 hours after an ankle injury
  • Massage – do not try to use massage in the 24 hours after an ankle injury due to the risk of increasing the internal damage to muscles and tendons.

Take time out – and see your doctor if pain persists!

Obviously, the pain caused by the ankle injury is a sign that you should not try to continue the activity until the joint if fully healed.  Even a minor ankle sprain can become more serious if it does not heal properly.  Repeated use of the ankle may lead to weakened tendons and ligaments, which can lead to a repeat of the injury in the future.  If the tendons and ligaments become unstable, this can actually increase your chances of falling or spraining the ankle.  Do not attempt to return too quickly from an ankle injury, and do not think that a structural ankle brace will help you to return sooner.  Even the best ankle brace is for recovery, not for return to physical activity.

Physical Therapy

We are not suggesting that all movement is restricted.  Some ankle injuries are only short term problems, and you can stand and walk in a matter of days.  More severe injuries or recovery from surgery will take longer.  Depending on your personal circumstances, and under medical supervision, you may be able to undertake limited rehabilitation exercises.  Along with the therapeutic effects of wearing the best ankle brace, a physical therapist may also lead you through a gradual process of strengthening the ankle, and getting used to weight bearing exercises.  Always follow the instructions from a medical professional, as this is the fastest way to recover from injury.

How to prevent ankle injuries in the future

The best way to avoid recurrence of ankle injuries is to maintain a suitable level of physical fitness for the activities you wish to undertake.  So don’t over exert yourself, and stay within the limits of your ability.  There is no substitute for good health and physical fitness, so work up to better fitness gradually rather than rush into it!  We recommend that you wear the best ankle brace for support during normal everyday routines, as well as during physical exercise.   The use of an ankle brace should only be considered as a support enhancement, rather than for structural support.  We also recommend that you wear suitable footwear for whatever activity you plan to do.

Conclusion – Best Ankle Brace for Support

Getting back to proper health and being able to participate in regular exercise are the ultimate goals in the recovery from ankle injury.  By correctly managing an ankle injury, or recovery from an ankle problem, then hopefully we can return to normal functionality as soon as possible.

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