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Best Braces for Knee Pain – Types of knee braces

A special device invented, a knee brace helps give comfort to the knee joints and supports the knee – keeping it safe from aches and pains, injuries and discomfort too.

The designs the brace comes in are a varying lot – from the ‘one size fits all’ to the ‘customized’ versions of the knee brace – specific and highly sophisticated ones too.


Shopping for a Knee Brace

For those who would like to use a knee brace, irrespective of the type – for running example, one needs to first ‘familiarize’ themselves with the main concepts as mentioned below, and the types of knee braces available in the market, with the intent of use properly understood for each ‘type’ too. What one needs to understand are the following;

  • The injury type and severity
  • The sport domain selected and practiced
  • The budget

Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace

Knee brace categories

There are many types of knee braces available online and at brick and mortar stores for anyone to choose from. But, there are three main categories to consider when picking one for your needs, namely;

The rehabilitation knee braces

The rehabilitation knee braces are meant especially to keep an athlete protected and safe from elements around, when an injury happens and nursing is on its way.

The design of the brace helps with restriction of mobility around the affected zone – the knee joint especially. This can be a little cumbersome for the user.

The prophylactic knee braces

These are braces which can be worn to help stay far away and safe from any form of knee injury. Highly recommended and preferred by athletes, trainers and sports medical professionals alike.

The functional knee braces

Braces such as these are useful to help someone who has an injured knee, and to provide the individual with ample support too. Stability deficits around the zone can be taken care of, and the pains can be reduced as well – bringing down the risks of further getting injured as well.

 Types of braces

Knee Sleeves Compression Brace Support

Hinged knee brace

These are braces that are very robust in nature and can help restrict lateral movements; hence the hinge design. Such braces are very effective and do not allow unwanted extension and bending of the joints of the knees.

Neoprene brace

Also popularly procured as the ‘neoprene knee sleeve’, such braces are designed to bring in plenty of support for the knee joint and the knee caps – and helps with lateral rigidity as well.

Elastic brace

Stretchable fabrics and materials are used for such braces, hence the name. The brace is wonderful to use, since it provides a lot of comfort and is lightweight too.

Knee band

Compared to other types of braces around, the knee band is smallest available version of braces in the market. Those who suffer from tendon and bursa issues would find these braces to be the best to be used. Design wise, the knee band can be wrapped around painful zones and it helps bring down the stress that injuries are known for.

By injury

  • Arthritis knee braces
  • Ligament Injuries knee braces
  • Meniscus Injuries knee braces


Never ever compromise on the well-being of your body by buying cheap imitations of knee braces available online or otherwise; it will not serve the purpose you intended it for and may instead by harmful.

One has to be especially diligent when shopping for the right ‘knee brace’ – focus on every aspect of the knee injury with proper diagnosis should be done. In case of doubt as to which one to buy, a registered health care professional would be the best to advise you of the most suitable type of brace for your needs.



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