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Neoprene knee sleeve review

Best Neoprene knee sleeve review

So if you suffer from knee pain, or have recently suffered a knee injury, or even if your doctor or physiotherapist has recommended that you need a knee brace, then here is a list of some of the best neoprene knee brace supports on the market right now.  We can help you to compare the various models, styles and attributes of each knee brace, and hopefully assist you to find the prefect solution to your individual requirements.

There are a whole range of knee sleeves and knee braces for a whole range of ailments.  From the basic pull on knee sleeve to the supportive knee brace, to the extremely effective knee strap, there is a neoprene knee sleeve that can provide you some comfort and relief.  If you think you can benefit from the supporting and healing properties of a neoprene knee brace, then have a browse through the following reviews and discussions, and we will try to find exactly the right match for you!


The Basic Neoprene Knee Brace

A basic level Knee Brace can include all of the following knee protection

  • Knee Sleeve
  • Knee Strap
  • Knee Support
  • Adjustable Knee Brace

A basic knee brace or knee sleeve is exactly as the name suggests, and is made up of a sleeve of neoprene designed to slide directly over the knee joint to provide basic level protection for the knee in case of recovery from minor injury, or improved healing to keep the knee warm during rest periods.  The basic knee sleeve is intended for low level knee injuries such as sprains, arthritis pain, tendonitis or cartilage problems, and these knee support sleeves are designed with more of an emphasis on recovery and relief from pain.


McDavid Open Pull On Knee Sleeve

McDavid produce some of the most popular neoprene knee sleeves on the market, with a wide range of products to suit every requirement.  The pull on knee sleeve pictured here is a basic knee brace, designed to be extremely easy to slide onto and around your knee, and to provide excellent comfort, warmth and flexibility for the user.  You can relax at home, wear it to bed at night, hide it under your day clothes, or even wear it during sport or exercise.

McDavid are the original Sports Medicine inventors and designers of many fields of sports science.  From supportive braces for preventing injuries, to compression materials for healing sports injuries, to inventing new and improved materials for playing sport – McDavid are always leading from the front.  From latex to neoprene, is like moving from cotton to Hex panel sports apparel, and many other of the latest innovations in the sporting arena have come from the McDavid laboratories.

This model provides the so called open patella option which allows your patella or knee cap to protrude through an opening which takes away any pressure directly on the top of the patella, which avoids causing any undue damage to the cartilage under the knee cap.  You can choose a closed patella knee sleeve if you desire, depending on your individual needs, and you can wear this one all day long with no irritation.


McDavid Knee Strap

The knee strap is a specialty device for ailments caused by excessive exercise such as running and jumping, which lead to tendonitis pain in the knee joint.  The McDavid knee strap adds a small compression to the knee joint and changes the angle and force on the patella and the patella tendon.

The knee strap is fully adjustable, and once you get the correct amount of compression onto the location of the tendonitis, users unanimously agree that a knee strap is the single best way to reduce the effects of knee tendonitis, and reduce pain in the knee.


Neo G Closed Knee Support

The Neo G knee support brace provides you with an easy to use, unobtrusive, and effective way to manage your knee ailment, whether it be pain from injury, arthritis pain, or tendonitis pain.  At 2.5 mm thickness, the neoprene knee support provides protection to the knee joint, but also warmth, pain relief and a light compression effect to ease bruising, swelling and fluid build up around the site of the knee pain or injury.

This neoprene knee brace fits under your clothes, and will not restrict your movement, and is totally adjustable, in case you have a need for more support during the day, or want to loosen the support straps during periods of relaxation.  One size fits all, and you can use this knee brace from the early stages of knee injury, all the way through the recovery period.


Neo G Open Patella Knee Brace

This adjustable knee brace provides the most versatile knee support for types of knee ailments, such as knee tendonitis, arthritis pain, knee sprains, as well as knee pain from injury or surgery.  The neoprene knee brace provides an evenly distributed compression load around the knee joint, which can help to ease arthritis pain, and injury pain by reducing the swelling associated with the injury.

This knee brace is also helpful for those suffering from meniscus pain, or patella tendonitis, because it is designed with an opening over the patella or knee cap region, which acts to relieve unnecessary pressure on top of the knee cap.  At the same time, the gentle pressure from the circular hole around the knee cap adds just enough compression on the patella tendon to change the wear and tear and hence can relieve the pain from tendonitis.


Neoprene Knee Sleeve and Brace Summary

There are many different types and manufacturers of the knee sleeve and knee brace, and there is sure to be a solution that best suits your individual requirements – have a browse through our reviews of the best selling brands.


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