Elite knee brace

McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace Review

As we tend to get older, health problems become more apparent, especially problems with our physical health. Knee problems are very common and so you might want to think about buying ... Continue Reading →

Ankle Brace – Taping vs. Bracing

The world of sports has its own perils and pains to deal with; ankle sprains and many other sports related injuries for example. Approximately, around 2 million injuries per year are ... Continue Reading →
Advanced Knee Brace

Best Braces for Knee Pain – Types of knee braces

A special device invented, a knee brace helps give comfort to the knee joints and supports the knee – keeping it safe from aches and pains, injuries and discomfort too. The designs ... Continue Reading →
Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace

Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace Review

Ever wondered why an athlete needs to be so careful about their training and build up – the answer is ‘success in performance’. The world of sports can be a very demanding one, ... Continue Reading →
Grizzly Fitness Reversible Knee Sleeve

Grizzly Fitness Reversible Knee Sleeve Reviews

Genetically it has been proved that most clients have weak and very bad knees. Science and medicine can help to a certain extent, but who would want to have knees – cold to feel and ... Continue Reading →

Back Brace – Braces for Lower Back Pain and Injuries

Back injuries can be harrowing – in fact ask the ones who suffer from it, and they wouldn’t have words to describe the pain, the trauma and the anguish they go through. The degree ... Continue Reading →
Rehband Core Line Knee Support review

Rehband Core Line Knee Support Review

When was the last time you were able to power lift, crossfit or simply walk without extensive pain to you knees? Many of us have had to give up the activities we love because of runner’s ... Continue Reading →
McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace

McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace Review

Minor knee pain can be a real inconvenience, but what happens when that pain becomes almost unbearable? Very few of us have the luxury to sit home and rest. We have families, jobs and ... Continue Reading →
McDavid Deluxe Knee Support

McDavid Deluxe Knee Support Review

If you have been suffering from bursitis, arthritis or tendonitis, you have probably given up on many physical activities. When was the last time you walked the beach or took a jog ... Continue Reading →
Runners Knee

Knee Sleeves – Protecting and Preventing Your Knees From Injuries

What do some athletes wear to prevent knee injuries? Knee sleeves are the popular choice for athletes who are suffering from knee injuries or they want to prevent any injury from happening. The ... Continue Reading →