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DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Brace Review

The Donjoy Brand History

The DonJoy brand is well known for the design and structural support offered to the knee joint since the earliest concepts of structural knee braces were first invented more than 30 years ago.  Donjoy continues to provide professional support to sports science and innovation through various sports products, suitable both for prevention of injuries, and also for recovery from previous injury.  The Donjoy brand is suitable for athletes and amateurs alike, as the sports science and innovative techniques developed by Donjoy have transferred from the professional sports arena into common use for healing and recovery of joint and soft tissue injuries.

Donjoy designs, manufactures and sells sporting products which are specifically designed for injury protection, as well as injury recovery, support and rehabilitation.  Donjoy designs are suitable for professional sports people or for the amateur fitness seeker who just needs a little extra support.

You can have complete confidence that your Donjoy supportive product has been designed to aid in your recovery, promote safe and effective healing, as well as provide support during your return to the sporing arena!


DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Brace

The Professional Support that athletes use

The Donjoy WEB reaction knee brace has been specially designed for use by athletes by a qualified sporting orthopaedic surgeon.  The WEB knee brace can be used for almost any knee condition, for faster healing after knee surgery, or even for the debilitating pain caused by arthritis.

The real benefit from the Reaction Web knee brace is that it can help overcome the pain of a knee injury, as well as structural support, which is a vital aspect of recovery from any knee problem.

The reaction web knee brace is a visible representation of the innovative design and use of latest materials. The reaction web provides a structural frame of braces which support the knee joint and alleviate the load from the tendons and muscles of the knee.  The web frame structure supports the knee joint using the innovative elastic materials, and combines with strong but flexible hinges.  The structural frame works together to support and stabilize whatever knee problem you might suffer from.

Better still, the structural frame acts as a shock absorber and saves the joint from any accidental shocks, the innovative web reaction frame removes the weight off the muscles of the knee, and allows the injured location to have the best opportunity to recover from the damage.

The advantage of wearing the Donjoy reaction web knee brace is that it is not just for professional athletes, but the same benefit is available for amateur athletes as well.  With the Donjoy web reaction knee brace, you get the latest in innovative sports medicine to assist in your personal recovery process.  No matter what your level of sporting prowess, the reaction web can help you get back to your best.  No matter what your choice of physical activity, whether you prefer walking, jogging, or gardening, whether you choose high impact soccer, basketball or athletics, the Donjoy knee brace can keep you at your best performance!


Do you need a Solution for Knee Pain?

Pain Relief

The elaborate frame of the reaction web knee brace provides relief from knee pain by alleviating weight from the muscles and tendons.  All of the loads and stresses on the knee joint are carefully dispersed throughout the structure of the frame.  The frame is spring loaded to act both as a shock absorber as well as a structural load support, to make sure that pain and stress are removed from the joint during the healing process.


Design of the DonJoy Web Frame

The Elastomeric Frame represents an innovative fusion of both design and materials that is designed to stabilize the knee joint from all directions as well as align the rotation of the knee joint to prevent any dislocation of the muscles or tendons.

Sustained Support

When you require time to heal from a knee injury, the most important aspects are support during recovery time, as well as increased healing and recovery time.  The elastic framework of the reaction web design makes for a comfortable supportive knee brace, which can be worn over a neoprene knee sleeve which provides the compression and thermal therapy to speed up the healing process.


Treatment for a range of knee ailments

The Donjoy reaction web is specially designed to re-align the patella into an improved tracking position, which reduces pain, but also ensure the long term healing of many types of knee problems where the patella is involved.  For example, any of the ailments caused by instability of the patella such as chondromalacia patella or runners knee, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendonitis or jumpers knee, Osgood-Schlatter disease, or knee osteoarthritis will be greatly assisted using this device.

Donjoy reaction web knee brace

Summary of the Donjoy Knee brace

The DonJoy Reaction WEB knee brace can help the healing and recovery process, at the same time alleviating pain in the knee.   The supportive and reactive spring loaded frame will get you back on your feet, sooner than you ever thought possible.  The innovative elastic web is built like a shock absorber to reduce the weight and stress around the knee joint, which takes the load away from the muscle and tendons, which promotes faster healing time and a hassle free recovery process.

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