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McDavid Deluxe Knee Support Review

If you have been suffering from bursitis, arthritis or tendonitis, you have probably given up on many physical activities. When was the last time you walked the beach or took a jog in your neighborhood? Just because you may be suffering from a knee ailment, does not mean you have to give up.

While watching daytime court room shows and soap operas can be enjoyable there is a whole world right in your McDavid Deluxe Knee Supportbackyard waiting to be explored.

For those of you who are missing it, we would like to introduce you to the McDavid Deluxe Knee Support. This knee sleeve has been designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and support and bring you back into the physical world!

Ease of Use

The McDavid is designed for simplicity, which is perfect for our hectic lives. This is a pull on sleeve that is flexible and slides right into place. It is designed for either the left or right knee, so you can buy just one. But if you are looking to be as pain free as possible we would suggest to buy two.

Comfort and Support

One of the first things that really stands out about the McDavid is how flexible it is. It is in this construction that gives you such good support and keeps you comfortable.

They have used an exclusive 5 needle stitching that gives a cleaner and flatter seam, for added comfort. On the anterior of the sleeve is a neoprene patch that helps the back of your knee breathe.

The sleeve is 13 inches long, which is a tad bit longer than most, but helps in giving a little added support. That with the combination of added padding really helps to keep your knee in place.


The McDavid is going to get you back to an active life, which is what we all want. You will feel the comfort and support in your knee and being able to get back to a daily routine.

You may even notice the McDavid helping with long standing injuries. Have you ever noticed your knee popping and cracking, sounding more like a cereal than a body part?

Several customers recall how the McDavid improved their knees to the point they were not even making those types of sounds.

McDavid Deluxe Knee Support Sizing

12-14″ Small
14-15″ Medium
15-17″ Large
17-20″ X-Large
20-22″ XX-Large
So it is time to let the aches and pains stop ruling your life. Take a look at the selection and see how low the prices are right now Come back and tell us how your life has changed since the introduction of the McDavid Deluxe Knee Sleeve in your life.

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