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McDavid Neoprene Knee Sleeve Sports Gear Support

McDavid Sports science is not just about knee braces.  McDavid were at the forefront of sports medicine and sports science during the era of sporting professionalization during the 1980’s and are still leading the way.

McDavid were among the earliest innovators of new materials and new ways to improve healing of sports injuries.  By improving the science of healing the body, and by developing new and innovative ways to improve recovery times from sports injuries, McDavid were responsible for revolutionizing the way sports medicine was applied across the board.  No longer the regime for elite athletes, the innovative materials and designs developed by McDavid are now available for everyone to use.

McDavid Neoprene Knee Sleeve – for anyone to use

Best Neoprene Knee Sleeve
The great benefits that were once only available to the elite athletes and sporting teams are now commonly available for everyone to use, and to apply to everyday injuries that will certainly benefit from the advances made in the name of sports medicine.

For example, knee injuries and problems brought about from overuse, or sprains or even arthritis can be significantly improved using the very same techniques and materials that the elite sports people originally benefited from.  Overuse, sprains and arthritis are not just common problem with the knee, but also to many other joints in the body, and these other areas of the body represent similar benefits from the application of innovative materials and techniques for faster healing.

About McDavid – the Best Neoprene Knee Sleeve

It all began with the healing benefits of latex products that were found to be beneficial in the healing rates for soft tissue injuries.  The application of compression bandages was found to promote faster healing times, for delicate muscles and tendons around the joints.  It was also discovered that there were increased thermal benefits from wearing a sleeve over the whole injured joint, such as wearing a sleeve right around the knee or elbow.

As these healing properties were found to be greatly beneficial to joint injuries, new and innovative materials such as neoprene were used to replace the older and more uncomfortable materials, and it was soon discovered that even faster healing could be achieved with these newer and more flexible materials, which allowed free movement while at the same time providing all the support that was required during the recovery process.

Innovative stitching and joint processes soon made the neoprene knee sleeves and elbow sleeves so comfortable to wear, that people could simply pull the supportive sleeves onto the injured area, and still wear normal clothes over the top, in order to go about their normal daily routine, even as the injury was undergoing healing and recovery.

Healing, Recovery and Support

Depending on the nature of the injury, and the severity of the damage to the knee, or elbow or wherever, McDavid can provide more than just healing and recovery, but importantly to provide structural support to the afflicted joint, until the joint regains its own natural strength.  So in this way, wearing a supportive knee sleeve or knee brace can offer the wearer the confidence that healing and recovery will occur much faster, but also the structural support will reduce the risk of re-injuring the joint, or simply by reducing the load on the muscles and bones, and thereby reducing any pain felt at the site of the injury.


McDavid Neoprene Knee Sleeve Products

Best Neoprene Knee BraceMcDavid is the leader in sports injuries, and provide a wide range of products designed to improve the recovery and haling time to get you back up and running again in no time!

From knee sleeves, knee braces, ankle support braces, elastic elbow braces, and supportive back braces, and even shoulder braces, McDavid have designed some of the best and most innovative supportive braces to promote healing and recovery.


Best Neoprene Knee Sleeves and Knee Braces:

McDavid Hex Leg Sleeves

Best Neoprene Knee SleeveHere is an example of the innovative materials developed by McDavid for use in the sporting arena, which has become available for everyone to use.  And again McDavid is at the forefront of sports medicine and sports technology, as the innovative Hex material provides simultaneous support to the knee while playing sport, as well as tough yet flexible protective layer which prevents soft tissue damage in the first place.

The Hex leg and knee sleeve features super strong neoprene to protect and support the knee and leg muscles, whilst at the same time providing the ideal protection from abrasions, and keeps you fit so that you can play for longer.  No more annoying cuts and scratches, the McDavid Hex leg sleeve come with extended lengths to protect more muscles, cover more skin, and keep you out there!

The latest innovations in material technology means these latest Hex leg sleeves reduce the moisture and sweat while you play, and keep the skin cool and dry so that you can go hard for longer.  Better still, the McDavid Hex leg sleeves are fully washable so that you can incorporate these protective and supportive knee sleeves into your daily routine, so that you are never left without protection.


McDavid Neoprene Ankle Brace:

Best Neoprene ankle brace
Not to be forgotten, ankles are also subject to severe loads and jolts during most sporting contests, and McDavid have also got you covered for everything you need in terms of ankle support.  Whether you need an ankle brace to keep the ankle joint stable during running, or whether you are recovering from injury, a McDavid ankle brace will provide all the support you need.

Whilst it is not recommended that you try to play sport with an injured ankle, the recovery time can certainly be improved, and when you are ready to start exercise, it is recommended that you slowly regain confidence with the injured joint, using a supportive ankle brace to get you gradually back to full running speed, and full range of ankle movement.

McDavid Neoprene Elbow Sleeve / elastic

Best Neoprene elbow Sleeve
If you have ever experienced the debilitating effects of so called tennis elbow, you may have come to realise that the condition is not even necessarily caused by playing tennis.  Nevertheless, if you want to return to your chosen sport as quickly as possible, whether it be playing tennis or painting a picture, you will gain much improved healing and recovery by using a McDavid elbow brace, or neoprene sleeve.

The use of a McDavid neoprene sleeve is designed to offer just the right amount of support to the joint, as well as mild compression to reduce joint inflammation, and loss of rotational movement.  Whether you need the sleeve for playing sport or recovering from injury or arthritis, the benefit of wearing an elbow sleeve is to improve the support to the injured joint, as well as speeding up the recovery of the soft tissues and muscles around the injury.

Simply pull the sleeve up around the site of the injury, and the healing effects are working straight away.  The McDavid elbow sleeve fits either left or right elbow, and allows you to move freely, whilst speeding up the time for healing and recovery.

McDavid Neoprene Back Brace

Best Neoprene back brace
If you have ever experienced the jolting pain from a bad back, or injured shoulder joint, then you will certainly benefit from the support, healing and recovery provided by these McDavid products.

The McDavid back brace is ideal for acute and chronic back pain, providing simultaneous support and healing benefits to help you through the worst effects of most back problems.  Most forms of back pain are a combination of spinal and muscle injury, which means you have to reduce the muscle spasms in order to reduce the pain in the spine, but this is no easy thing to do, when back pain can be debilitating.

The thermal healing properties of a neoprene back brace can be the simple solution to healing those painful muscles, whilst also providing support to the spine, to take the load off the muscles and bones and promote faster haling and recovery times.

McDavid Thermal Shoulder Support

McDavid Thermal Shoulder Support
McDavid perfectly understand the human body, and have designed an ideal way to heal even the most complex joints, such as the shoulder area, which requires the most structural support, whilst also trying to relieve the stress from around a very complicated joint location.  The McDavid shoulder wrap is ideal for sports injuries, chronic ailments, and even those with arthritis.

The shoulder wrap comes with a built in, hands free method of applying either hot or cold thermal treatment to the location of the injury, and allows the sufferer to treat the precise nature of the symptoms of the problem.  Simply fit the shoulder wrap to the injury location, and apply hot or cold gel packs as appropriate, for fast acting healing and recovery.  The McDavid shoulder wrap is made from the latest technology materials, and is cleverly designed to be fitted either left or right, for the most flexible solution available.


McDavid Waist Trimmer

McDavid Waist Trimmer

And there is yet another great supportive product from the sports medicine laboratory at McDavid.

The McDavid back support and waist trimmer!  What better way to support and relieve minor back pain, and at the same time help you to lose weight with the therapeutic effects of the neoprene back and waist support.

This neoprene therapeutic healing support acts as a cushion for the lower back muscles, in order to support and relieve stress from the painful area, and at the same time provide a compression effect completely around the lower abdomen.  In this way, the McDavid back support can assist with strength and support to the back, whilst compressing and shaping the abdominal muscles for an overall assistance for the healing process.  The waist trimmer supports both the skeletal frame, as well as the soft tissues.

The McDavid waist trimmer is fully adjustable for your total comfort, and you can adjust the sizing and support straps as you heal and lose weight!

Check out the McDavid Waist Trimmer now at Amazon.


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