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McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace Review

Minor knee pain can be a real inconvenience, but what happens when that pain becomes almost unbearable? Very few of us have the luxury to sit home and rest. We have families, jobs and lives that have to continue on a day to day basis.

There are many braces available on the market that help with minor pains and aches. However, they are not meant to McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Bracebe worn all day and generally will cause more discomfort. If you are looking for one of the best to wear all day long, read on about the McDavid Pro Stabilizer.

Ease Of Use

Many of the level three braces tend to be harder for some people to put on. With the pro stabilizer it has included tabs along the top that you slip your finger in and pull the unit up.

While it is rather easy to get on, some people still have trouble sliding them off their legs. McDavid may wish to consider adding pull tabs to the bottom to make life even easier

Comfort and Support

This is a heavy duty brace, but it still manages to be comfortable enough to wear. This is even more true if you plan on wearing it long term for multiple hours a day. Many consumers have said a ten hour day is quite common and tend to forget they are even wearing the brace.

This is made from 3/16″ thermal neoprene to provide therapeutic heat retention and compression, which is vital to injured knees. This level three brace uses a two sided nylon construction for durability and added support.

This is a heavy duty brace and therefore it doesn’t offer quite the breath-ability of some other braces. However the neoprene in the anterior position does offer quite a bit of relief.


This brace is designed for people with severe injuries and pain in mind. The compression and heat that it offers will help you walk and give you added mobility.

This is an excellent choice if you have weak and unstable knees. The use of this brace while not giving your knee a full range of motion, will give you much greater mobility and freedom from ongoing pain.

McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace Size Chart

12″-14″….. S
14″-15″….. M
15″-17″….. L
17″-20″….. XL
20″-22″….. XXL

While this may be a slightly more expensive unit, you are going to feel the difference. This is a level three brace and that is going to give you much more support than a level one. Please do not let the price factor into your decision too much.

The quality of your life, is much more important. You can take a look at the McDavid Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace products on from the link below, there are many discounts available along with free shipping. So you may end up paying a lot less then you would have expected to.

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