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Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace Review

Ever wondered why an athlete needs to be so careful about their training and build up – the answer is ‘success in performance’. The world of sports can be a very demanding one, and for the serious athletes out there, high performance is a must.

However, with the stretch and pull of knees, joints and ligaments in the body, serious athletic injuries happen. The Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace finds its prime importance here – lateral support and maximum medial given to the sportsperson sans the need of motor skills restriction and mobility.


Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace


What are the Benefits?


The Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace has plenty of benefits to offer the athlete, such as;

  • Enormous medial and lateral support
  • Motor-skills and flexibility
  • Knee joints are tracked well with near-normal joint motions
  • Peak performance at all times
  • Strength of the highest levels assured – patented triaxial hinges used
  • Custom fit controlled compression – adjustable straps
  • Kneecap protection – removable patella buttress stabilization technique involved


More reasons to have oneMueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace


Players and athletes need to be at their best and at all times. However, while training and practice sessions are on, injuries and future strains may happen; hampering the progress of an individual on the track.

The main aim with the Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace is to have stability of the knees for the individual concerned.

Apart from that, players usually are asked by their ‘sports doctors’ to pop in pills for anti-inflammation needs, which can be harmful for the players in the long run – the brace gets rid of it all.

Pain symptoms and future hassles are completely removed, and the functioning of the joints are kept in good stead.

The best part here is, with the brace, one doesn’t have any restriction on controlled joint motions at all – motor skills now wouldn’t be a challenge to achieve.


With the Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace one now can have the best,


  • Medial Collateral instability at all times
  • There would also be enough of lateral collateral instability
  • There wouldn’t be issues to deal with – mild ACL instability, and
  • Athletes now can have enough of patellar femoral control too



Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Braces have their limits too, for example;

  • Velcro may not be the choice of material for everyone, some customers may feel allergic to it. Hence, before buying, check with yourself if you want to use a product made from Velcro.
  • The one size fits all chant doesn’t fit here – the size is L, and it barely fits those who need XXL and more, or S, for that matter.

Why Buy?

Let’s look at peace of mind, high performance and not failing your part – athletes can be a determined lot. The Mueller High Performance Hinged Knee Brace is also great for patients suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis too – it helps keep the knee safe and secure; with plenty of motor skills too.

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