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Neoprene Knee Brace Review

Advanced Neoprene Knee Brace Review

If you suffer from a more serious knee complaint or have severe pain, or have recently had knee surgery, then you may have a requirement to purchase a more advanced knee brace, which provide physical support to the knee joint.  These knee braces add stability for someone with a serious knee injury, and protect a recovering knee from exerting too much pressure through an injured joint, or to avoid rupturing delicate tendons and cartilage.  If you suffer from arthritis pain in the knee, knee sprain, tendonitis of the knee, knee cartilage damage, torn ligaments, ruptured knee tendons, bursitis in the knee, chondromalacia patella or any other patella infliction, a stabilised knee brace may be just what you need.

With a similar appearance to an ordinary knee support, the advanced neoprene knee brace has built-in structural support which acts as brace against unintended knee movement, and actually prevent lateral movement, twisting movement, and over extension of knee bending.  IN addition to control over the movement, a structural knee brace will reduce the loads transmitted through the knee joint, to provide relief the location of the injury, and to assist in the recovery process.

Neo G Stabilised Open Knee Support

The Neo G stabilised knee brace is an excellent choice for knee injuries that require added support, stabilisation, and compression to the general knee joint area.  This knee brace allows for controlled knee movement but provides the confidence of total knee support through metal support stays built into the fabric of the design.  So when you need support and protection, the Neo G stabilised knee brace has you covered, whilst still allowing you the flexibility to adjust the compression for day time or night time, for relaxation, and even for playing sport, because movement is extremely important to aid in recovery from knee injury.

Despite the addition of the metallic support, this knee brace is not bulky, and the neoprene sleeve can easily slide over the knee so you can wear it under your clothes with confidence.  This knee brace provides fantastic knee support to ensure you don’t inadvertently hyper extend or twist the knee joint whilst in recovery from injury.


McDavid Patella Knee Support

The McDavid Patella Knee Brace is a very popular knee sleeve support for many types of knee ailments, ranging from cartilage damage, ligament or tendon tears, chondromalacia, tendonitis, patella pain, and is especially suited to recovery from knee surgery.

It provides a very sturdy support basis which prevents hyper extension or twisting of the knee joint, and supports the knee through steel support braces which are built into the sides of the knee brace.  In this way, the McDavid knee brace prevents any lateral or twisting movement of the knee which aids in the recovery from injury or surgery and is convenient, comfortable and very easy to use.


Elite Neoprene Knee Brace


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Advanced Knee Braces by McDavid and Shock Doctor

The most supportive and protective types of knee brace design on the market are the elite design of neoprene knee brace.  These knee sleeve support devices are designed to provide the ultimate level of structural support to a knee injury, and provide the most confidence to get you up and moving again after a serious knee injury or knee surgery.

The support to the knee joint is taken up another level with structural support in the lateral direction, as well as rotational support provided by hinge joints to control bending movements.  With dual support for both side splints and hinge joints, the elite neoprene knee brace can prevent further knee damage, as well as giving the user some confidence to get up and about and increase the natural strength in the knee joint.

These ultra strong knee braces are perfect if you are recovering from a serious knee injury or knee reconstruction surgery, and are designed to stabilise the knee joint, control lateral and twisting movements, and then gradually allow increased movement as the recovery of the knee injury allows movement and flexibility to increase.


Don Jon knee brace with structural / lockable support straps

The DonJoy range of structural knee supports give an illustrative view of the ways that you can benefit from fitting one of these knee braces to your injured or aching knee.

Designed by a professional orthopaedic surgeon, the WEB knee brace is the solution to almost any knee injury, recovery from knee surgery, or those making a comeback after a knee problem.  Not only is the Reaction Web knee brace suitable for healing, but it will also help alleviate suffering from knee pain, which is the most important aspect of knee recovery.  The reaction web features both innovative design and innovative use of materials, with a structural web of braces to surround the knee and take the load off the tendons around the knee.  The web structure acts to support with elastic materials, as well as flexible hinges which all works together to support and stabilise any knee injury.  The structural support absorbs shocks and bumps, takes the weight off the knee joint, and allows the injury to heal.

The benefit of the DonJoy reaction web knee brace is that you get the very best that is available for professional athletes, and it works just as well for you!

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