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Nike Closed Patella Knee Sleeve Review

There is a certain point in your life when you realize your knees just aren’t what they use to be. So you can either find yourself a comfortable rocking chair or get back to an active lifestyle. Most of us, do not want to lose our independence because of weak knees. And the thought of knee surgery will have the other half running in the opposite direction.

So a great option is to look into the added support of a knee sleeve. One of the best on the market right now is the Nike Closed Patella Knee Sleeve. This lightweight sleeve is comfortable enough and will not sacrifice on the support it gives you. Put up your battered and bruised knees and read this review of the Nike Knee Sleeve.


Ease Of Use

The Nike Knee Sleeve is designed to get on your leg quickly and easily, so you can get on with life. This sleeve will slide on just like a sock, and fit you like a glove. It would be nice to see Nike implement the thumb tabs on top like the Doctor Shark Knee Sleeve (INNER LINK?). Regardless they are easy enough to slip on and easy to carry along in a backpack.

Comfort and Support

The Nike is a really comfortable knee sleeve that is designed to fit you snugly without causing you any discomfort. The Nike Knee Sleeve has been designed so it will not bunch up behind your knee while performing any type of physical activity.

Some users of the product have complained about a slight pinching, when bending the knee. However, it was nothing but a momentary discomfort and went away when the leg was straightened out. The sleeve itself is made to feel very comfortable being made of a consistency of 2% polyester, 3% spandex, 33% nylon, 62% rubber.


Nike Closed Patella Knee Sleeve

Once you begin using the Nike Knee Sleeve you will be able to enjoy many of the activities you had to step away from, because of faulty knees. Many customers have been able to go back to a vigorous workout and not have their knees aching.

The Nike Knee Sleeve is the perfect tool to take care of any minor aches and pains in your knees. While this is not a permanent medical procedure, it will give you the relief you have been searching from aching knees.

Nike Closed Patella Knee Sleeve Size Chart

S 13″-15.5″
M 15.5″-18″
L 18″-20.5″
XL 20.5″-23″

We have found the best price for the Nike Knee Sleeve on Amazon, and you can pick it up with free shipping most of the time.
You can see if the free shipping deal is still available by clicking here. One important thing to take note of when ordering, you only get one sleeve per package. So if both of your knees are giving you trouble, make sure to pick up two of these knee savers.


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