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Pro-Tec Neoprene Knee Sleeve Review

There is a time when all of our bodies decide it is time to slow down. Now for most of us, we are going to fight tooth and nail and the majority of times our bodies tend to win the fight. However, if you want a tool in your arsenal to fight back, you will want to check out this knee sleeve by Pro-Tec.

We wanted to review the Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve to see if it would give us the knees we remembered from our teens and twenties. That might be a tall order, but we think it is worth a shot.

Don’t feel as though you have to be middle aged or older to check out a knee sleeve, they are designed for anyone who is experiencing knee discomfort. The question we want answered is if the Pro-Tec Sleeve is actually going to work.

Ease Of Use

The Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve is simple enough for anyone to slip on their knee. It works in the same manner as a sock and just slides up the leg. You may need to work it a little bit for the perfect fit that is the most comfortable for you. Once on the knee sleeve should stay in place during the most vigorous of activities.

Comfort And Support

The Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve is one of the most comfortable sleeves on the market right now. While the sleeve fits you snug, it is not too tight to become uncomfortable. This is a great sleeve to use while jogging, walking, basketball and even football. The sleeve is constructed of 3mm Neoprene which what enables it to contour perfectly around your leg.


Pro Tec Gel Force Knee Sleeve

The greatest relief you are going to feel from the Pro-Tec is the relief from general knee pain. The first time that stinging reminder that we aren’t indestructible leaves your body, is worth it’s weight in gold!

The Pro-Tec is designed to relieve arthritis and moderate patello-femoral pain. The Pro-Tec works its magic by wrapping your knee in warmth and full support. You may wish to have one designed for your entire body, after having just one on your knee!

Pro-Tec Neoprene Knee Sleeve Sizing

This particular knee sleeve is only available in medium at this time. It is really easy to size yourself to see if this is going to be the correct size for you. All that is required is to measure the circumference of the area directly above the kneecap. The medium size will fit 14 to 16 inches.

If you are ready to put an end to your sore and tired knees, it is probably time to check out a Pro-Tec. We found one of the better prices online at Amazon, but there was a limited supply when we looked. So check out the current supply on amazon.

Let us know how this knee sleeve works for you, were you able to enjoy old activities once again?


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