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Rehband Core Line Knee Support Review

When was the last time you were able to power lift, crossfit or simply walk without extensive pain to you knees? Many of us have had to give up the activities we love because of runner’s knee or arthritis.

You can take medications or even get knee surgery. The truth is not all knee pain is that extreme to have surgery. But the pain we do have, is enough to keep us from an active lifestyle.

That is where the Rehband Knee Support Sleeve comes into action. If you have had constant knee pain in your life, this is the support you have been looking for.

No more missed days of work or having to take days or weeks out of your workout routine. The Rehband Knee Support will get you back into life today!

Rehband Core Line Knee Support


  • Quality made of 5mm thick neoprene material
  • Reduces the swelling and pain in your knees as well as improving the blood flow
  • Keeps your knees warm for added comfort and relief
  • Perfect for any athlete or sport

Ease of Use

The Rehband is a pull up knee sleeve that is very easy to use and keep clean. The knee sleeve is made of neoprene material, which is very easy to slide up and down the leg.

It is comfortable enough to keep on for daily use or simply workout routines. Cleaning is just tossing it in to your washing machine and letting it air dry.

Comfort and Support

The Rehband is developed with your comfort in mind. This sleeve is designed for those people who have minor pains and aches in their knees. The sleeve is designed with neoprene, and this is such a comfortable material.

It is a synthetic rubber, that is designed to keep your skin warm, similar to what a diver wears. Once that heat gets trapped in it warms your knees and feels wonderful.

In fact, if you suffer from minor body aches, you might consider wrapping your body up in a wetsuit to feel better!


While this is a great sleeve for general use, it also excels for people who love squats, cleans and snatches. Those are knee intensive exercises and Rehband Core Line Knee Support reviewpush you to the limit.

You will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish and how much more you feel with the Rehband wrapped securely around you knee.

Rehband Core Line Knee Sleeve Size Chart

You want to make sure you have the correct fit for proper usage. Measure 15cm below the patella with your knee flexed at a 30 degree angle.

X-Small (31-33cm)
Small (33-35cm)
Medium (35-37cm)
Large (37-40cm)
X-Large (40-43cm)
XX-Large (43+cm)

There is no reason you have to sit on the bench anymore. There are plenty of knee sleeves available on the market for every type of knee pain.

The Rehband is a perfect starter sleeve for general and minor pain. If it is a simply a matter of wanting to jog without pain, this is the sleeve for you.

Likewise, if you want to get back to power lifting, without the fear of irrevocably damaging your knees, you want the Rehband. Recently the Rehband was on sale at a great discount, it may still be on sale.

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